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Jb Systems Radiant Laser

Jb Systems Radiant Laser


Manuale Radiant Laser

  •     The best of both worlds: a traditional 2 color laser + laser burst effects combined in one unit!
  •     Fabulous preprogrammed laser shows for all kinds of applications: lounge bar, discotheque, mobile DJ,…
  •     Class 3B laser based on 40mW 532nm green + 200mW 450nm blue laser.
  •     The color of the beams changes all the time using laser blanking technology.
  •     Several working modes:
    • DMX-control: 1channel for easy operation or 10 channels for full control
    • Standalone: sound activated (internal mic) or automatic
    • Master/slave: wonderful synchronized shows
    • Optional CA-8 remote controller available
    • Compatible with RF-DMX Converter:
      * Set the Radiant laser to 1CH DMX-mode
      * Set the RF-DMX Converter to MODE1
  •     Built-in microphone
  •     3-digit LED display for easy menu navigation
  •     Optional CA-8 controller for additional functions available
  •     Key actuated on/off switch and emergency switch (interlock) input for additional safety
  •     Complies to EN/IEC 60825-1 Ed2, 2007-03 for Laser Safety

Technical Information

  • Mains Input:  AC 100~240V, 50/60Hz
  • Fuse:  250V 1A slow blow (20mm glass)
  • Total Power consumption:  30W
  • Sound Control:  Internal microphone
  • DMX connections:  3pin XLR male / female
  • DMX channels:  1 or 10 channels
  • DMX starting address:  001 à 512
  • Laser Power:
    • 40mW Green CW laser (λ = 532nm)
    • 200mW Blue CW laser (λ = 450nm)
  • Laser radiation class:  3B
  • Beam diameter @ aperture:
  • Divergence (each beam)
  • Divergence (total output)
  • Working temperature:  15°C to 40°C
  • Laser Safety Standard:  EN/IEC 60825-1 Ed2, 2007-03
  • Size:  25 x 24 x 19 cm
  • Weight:  2,6kg

Laser Jb Syestems TWIN BEAM Color

Laser Jb Syestems TWIN BEAM Color

Laser Jb Syestems TWIN BEAM Color Laser Jb Syestems TWIN BEAM Colorb

Manuale Laser Jb Syestems TWIN BEAM Color

This is the twin version of the Space Color laser, providing 2 synchronized laser beams!
Total laser output = 180mW!
Produces dynamic 3 color laser shows, perfect for fixed and mobile installations.
RGY (Red, Green, Yellow) Class 3B Laser:
650nm Red 80mW beam
532nm Green 100mW beam
Mixed Yellow 80mW beam
Several working modes:
DMX controlled, 8channels
Stand-alone with built-in microphone
Stand-alone automatic mode
Preprogrammed multi-color laser shows
DMX-addressing with LED display
Complies to EN/IEC 60825-1 for Laser Safety
Technical Information
Lamp: Green laser 532nm/100mW + Red laser 650nm/80mW Weight: 5,8kg Dimensions: 26 x 30 x 10 cm Music trigger: yes DMX: 8channels

Crossover JB Systems EC-102

Crossover JB Systems EC-102


JB Systems EC-102

F2-way stereo or 3-way mono crossover. Full scale frequency selection between 45 to 9600Hz. 24dB/oct. Linkwitz – Riley filters. All inputs and outputs are balanced or unbalanced with XLR connections. Subsonic filter (40Hz) with ON/OFF switch. Gain control on all inputs and outputs. Phase inverter switch. XO 2.4: Stylish black design with blue and white LEDs. EC-102: Silver design.

Jb Systems MCD 750

Doppio Lettore Cd  Jb Systems MCD 750

jbsystems mcd570

Lecture de tous les MP3 (max. 999 fichiers MP3 / 255 dossiers par CD)
MPEG1 layer3 (32 + 44,1 + 48kHz)
MPEG2 layer3 (16 + 22,05 + 24kHz)
MPEG2.5 layer3 (8 + 11,025 + 12kHz)
Supporte les modes de vitesses de transmission CBR et VBR.
Lit les CD-DA, CD-R, CD-RW
Mémoire Anti-choc de 20 secondes
Recherche de position jusqu’à 1/75ème sec, également en MP3
Portée du contrôle de vitesse (Pitch) : +/-8% +/-12% +/-16%
Contrôle de vitesse à l’aide de touches ou de la roue « jog wheel » pour des mixages parfaits
Fader start, fader stop, (back cue)
Fonction Auto cue (-48dB)
Recherche « Frame » de 1/75sec
Balayage des plages à 4 vitesses différentes
Choix entre l’affichage du temps écoulé, du temps restant ou du temps total restant
Affichage du réglage de vitesse (Pitch)
Lecture d’une seule plage, ou continue
La fonction « Relay play » permet une lecture alternative des 2 lecteurs
Sortie digitale S/PDIF par connecteur RCA/cinch
Protection de Transport de 60 secondes
Programmation de lecture de 20 plages