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Ciabatta microfonica Proel Die Hard DHBOX1604


DIE HARD DHBOX1604 Stage box professionale 16 IN / 4 OUT






  • Stage box con n. 12 prese da pannello XLR 3 poli
  • n. 4 prese da pannello COMBO XLR 3poli / JACK stereo Ø 6,3mm
  • n. 4 spine da pannello XLR 3poli
  • Cavo audio multipolare professionale con n. 16 spine volanti XLR 3poli
  • n. 4 prese volanti XLR 3 poli.
  • Lunghezza : 30 mt.


D.I. BOX Omnitronic LH-060

D.I. BOX Omnitronic LH-060

omnitr lh 060

Passive DI-box

Converts 50 kOhms instrument-inputs into balanced mixer-outputs
Inputs via XLR/jack combo sockets
Ground-lift switch
Attenuation adjustable at 0 dB/-20 dB/-40 dB
2 low-impedance XLR-outputs
Mono-mode: the signal is splitted from input 1 on both outputs
Modern convex housing design
Full-rubber-housing corners for safe operation
Cables can be routed under the housing

Frequency range:15 Hz – 30 kHz
Input impedance:50 kOhms
Output impedance:600 Ohms
Frequency range:15 Hz – 30 kHz
S/N-ratio:>95 dB
Dimensions:150 x 130 x 60 mm
Weight:0.5 kg