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Splitter DMX Briteq DMS 26

Splitter DMX Briteq DMS 26

splitter dms26

Manuale Splitter DMX Briteq DMS 26

The perfect all-in-one solution to secure your DMX-installations: MERGER + SPLITTER + BOOSTER
100% electrical isolation between all in/outputs!
2 DMX-inputs + 6 DMX-outputs, each equipped with 3pin and 5pin XLR-connectors.
The booster function analyses the incoming DMX-signal and builds it back up from scratch to make it perfect for further use.
The merger function combines 2 DMX-signals in different ways:
HTP: the highest value of 2 identical channels from 2 DMX-signals will have priority.
Backup: when the DMX-signal on input A fails, the DMX-signal in input B takes over immediately.
Merger: DMX-signals from 2 different controllers can be combined and send over 1 cable, you can choose the start address of the second controller.
The splitter function distributes the DMX-signal(s) from the input(s) over 6 identical outputs that are 100% isolated from each other: problems that occur on 1 output will not influence the other outputs!
The timing of the DMX-outputs can be adapted from 23ms to 45ms, increasing compatibility while connecting “slow” DMX-devices to “fast” DMX-controllers.
Output behavior can be selected when suddenly both DMX-inputs fail:
Null: no DMX signal on the outputs
Hold: keep the last DMX values on the outputs.
Clear: set the DMX values on all outputs to zero.
Easy setup via 4digit LED display


Trasmettitore DMX Wireless-Briteq WT-DMXG4

Trasmettitore DMX Wireless

WT-DMXG4 Wireless DMX Transmit

Briteq wt-dmxG4 Briteq wt-dmxG4a

                                        Briteq wt-dmxG4b

Manuale BriteQ WR-DMX G4,WT-DMXG4

  • The perfect solution when wireless DMX with maximum reliability is needed!
  • Both the transmitter (WT-DMXG4) and receiver (WR-DMXG4) use the world famous W-DMX G4-protocol from “Wireless Solution Sweden”: a guarantee for both reliability and compatibility!
  • 1 DMX-universe (512ch) per transmitter:  several can be used together to increase the number of DMX-universes.
  • One-button setup for ease of use.
  • 2.4GHz band for worldwide license free use!
  • Specially designed for professionals:
    • Small size: can be hidden anywhere
    • Very robust construction: perfect for the rental companies.
  • Can be fitted with any standard truss clamp: easy truss installation
    • Small antenna for better mechanical reliability.
  • Connections:
    • Transmitter: DMX 3pin in/out to connect the unit anywhere in the DMX-chain + 230Vac IEC-power inlet
    • Receiver: DMX 3pin and DMX 5pin outputs + 230Vac IEC-power inlet
  • Internal power 230Vac supply