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Disano 150W

Disano 150W

Disano 500w


REFLECTOR: in pre-anodised and hammered 99.85 aluminium for versions Max 500 and TS.

DIFFUSER: tempered glass, 5 mm thick, resistant to thermal shock and impacts (UNI EN 12150-1:2001 tests).

COATING: powder-coated with polyester resin in silver/black colour, resistant to corrosion and saline environments.

LAMP HOLDER: in ceramic and silvered contacts.

WIRING: electronic ballast 220V/240 50-60Hz for the versions with discharge lamps. Direct power supply 220/240V 50-60Hz for Max.500W. Wiring with flexible silicone cable. 2P+T terminal board with maximum allowable conductor cross-section of 2.5 mm2 .

STANDARD SUPPLY: complete with galvanised and coated bracket.

EQUIPMENT: during maintenance or lamp replacement, special safety rings keep the glass hooked to the housing.

REGULATORY STANDARD: manufactured pursuant to EN 60598 and a degree of protection IP65IK08 pursuant to EN 60529 tested after a 7 day accelerated ageing. They have class of insulation I.