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Ledwall 4 pz. dal 4x3m DesignCurtain Pro

Ledwall 4 pz. dal 4x3m DesignCurtain Pro

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DesignCurtain Pro is an upgraded version of DesignCurtain. We have made several important improvement to the led animation curtains:

LED DesignCurtain Pro is a type of LED vision curtain that displays dynamic patterns, images, flash and logo. It uses super bright 5mm diameter RGB leds.
DesignCurtain Pro uses new led boards with sockets. In case of bad leds, users can easily change bad les on site within seconds, just unplug the led board and replace it by plugging on new ones, no soldering needed.  Leds and their PC boards are properly protected in a strong plastic casing. LEDs will not be easily damaged with unexpected pressure. Leds stay sound and safe after hundreds of times of foldup.

LED DesignCurtain Pro uses new control system for professional applications.The new control system includes main controller and sub-controller(s). The whole system can work with standard video sources thanks to the main controller DVI input (but you need a machine to scale videos and images to match with your curtain wall).

One main controller can connect to 60 sub-controllers with Ethernet cable (with Neutrik connectors) . One sub-controller can control 4 pcs led animation curtains, each with maximum 2560 led pixels, or 8 pcs curtains each with maximum 1280 pixels. The main controller and sub-controllers are both equipped with Neutrik etherCON sockets, and can be connected with Ethernet cable.
The sub-controller, if just linked to computer, can also work as a PC controller, and can control max. 10,240 led pixels.
Main controller and sub-controllers can be mounted on 19” touring rack. Addional extension cables are available in case controllers are far away from the curtain wall.
LED DesignCurtain is available in variable sizes, Standard size is 6x4m, 8x3m. Any other curtain sizes can be customized. LED pixel varies from pitch 50mm to pitch 200mm. Led curtain size and pixel pitch are made to orders.
As usual, we use high quality heavy duty fabric for DesignCurtain Pro. Many led curtains can be interconnected to create a large curtain wall seamlessly thanks to its strong Vecro at 4 sides. Grommets are also available all around the curtain for easy mounting on truss or crossbars.
All curtains are supplied with customized flight case for safe transport and storage.


Main specifications:

Supply voltage to controller: 110-240VAC 50/60Hz
Supply voltage to power box: 110-240VAC 50.60Hz.
Power: 700W
Power box output voltage: 5V.
LED: super bright f5 RGB Tri-color
LED life span: 80,000 hours
LED viewing angle: 145 degree
Pixel pitch:100mm
Curtain material: Fire retardant heavy duty fabric
Curtain size: 4 modules of 4 x 3m
Curtain color: Black